Thursday, 19 January 2006


This afternoon I had an interview/meeting with this man, thanks to this man! :)

It went very well and it was great to see that there are opportunities for Communications graduates, such as myself, in the electronic publishing field. The thing I didn't want, and one of the reasons why I left my previous job, was to be stuck in a job purely for the sake of the income. If I wanted to be a secretary I would have attended secratarial college and qualified in that area. But I think that this is a great opportunity and am really looking forward to getting into things.

Martin has said/promised/acceded to update his withering, dust-covered blog with an entry regarding the brain drain that our island is currently experiencing. (Don't steal his idea!!)

It seems like a trip to Hanks is in order tonight with my female ex-colleagues, and I have to be there in 30 minutes which means that I should unlock these virtual chains that keeped me seated to my chair and engrossed to this screen, get out of my suit, into my jeans and hit the road Jack!


  1. opportunities? I thought communication graduates just spend their time at home chatting on the internet :p

  2. Yeah we do. It's all about communication :P


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