Sunday, 15 January 2006

Advertising Space

I want to create a business website for my mother so that she can market her home-made, uniquely creative beautiful jewellery.

But I don't know where one buys webspace from. Alternatively can one get free space but still have a domain name, i.e. not a geocities one?


  1. yellow... you can buy a domain name and hosting space separately... loads of places to get it from, try for a domain... the more unusual the combination, the cheaper the domain, the .com ones are the most expensive... you can browse around and see what combination works for you...

  2. Funny you should bring this up! It's related to one of the things we hope to discuss with you on Thursday afternoon.

  3. Aaaah the pressure *grin*

  4. GoDaddy is fine for the domains, and they're dirt cheap... there was a time when domains cost $35 each (although that was way before GoDaddy.)

    I honestly cannot help you much with hosting right now. A friend of mine used to take care of all of my hosting needs but he's no longer in business, so I have to find a cheap and reliable hosting deal. I think I found a good one (it was around $9.99 monthly) but I seriously doubt whether you would need all the specifications of that particular hosting plan.

    If you can wait a bit (until after the exams), I can allot you some of the hosting space I'll buy. Don't worry, I'm not in it for the profits ;)

  5. Thanks Kenneth, that's really kind of you *awww* I might be getting some space, but I'll take you up on your offer if I need it and if you're still offering :)

  6. Just leave a comment on my blog and I'll contact you.


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