Saturday, 14 January 2006

Self-declared nerd

Why do I insist on eating Doritos Chilli Heatwave when my mouth increases disproportionately in size after each chip and I have to take a swig of water. And why do I take water when it's actually orange juice that helps your mouth find some solace from the self-imposed torture?


4 months on and I'm still gushing about uni and how wonderful it is, and how going back there was the best decision I ever took. I suppose not being the shy, retiring type helps. It didn't take me long to inflict myself on my classmates and lecturers, with my out-of-turn comments and unasked for opinions! And the ever-persuasive speech about how it's not actually 08:10 but 08:05, and therefore I should be allowed in, have you thought of asking for a new watch for Christmas, well I'm already sitting down now so we might as well continue, now it's 08:10 and we've lost 5 minutes of the lecture, so what are we talking about today?

First semester was very enjoyable to say the least. I think second semester will be just as good, with topics like Cyber Culture, E-Commerce and Graphics. Then there are a couple which I signed up for and have absolutely no idea what to expect! The element of surprise reigns supreme within the faculty.


Things are looking up on the job front; however, I shan't expand further for now except to say a big Thanks.


  1. Who's teaching Cyber Culture?

  2. I'm not sure. I know that's it going to be held over a week or so with lectures everyday, rather than a lecture a week over the entire semester.

  3. I wish I had your enthusiasm for University...

  4. My enthusiasm is a result of me going back to uni because I WANTED to and not because it was the next step in life after 6th form. Now I understand why some people choose to take a gap year. It often helps you appreciate things more. If I had to start uni again with the mentality I have now things would be very different! So don't fret... we all go through the bad days.

  5. Gap year, gap year... I'll just see after the exams.

  6. yea when you do your degree and see that in the meantime your workmates have done thousands of $$$, or you're just a little drone with a degree and your workmates with no univ educ. and are at a higher hierarchy...then you will really appreciate university...i believe that university is just a waste of time... i wasted 4 years of my life...nowadays i'm involved in important decisions and technical implementations which i've learned on my own since age 14 without the help of univ. now that really sux..but on the other hand, we used to have nice parties and hot chicks, back in the univ days.

  7. I don't agree with you at all and if you feel that you wasted 4 years of your life then you obviously entered uni with the wrong frame of mind. Which is why going back to uni after working for 2 years changed my opinion of it. Money will never compensate for a job that you don't enjoy. I prefer studying and enjoying myself and not earning the supposed 'thousands' that others are earning. There is no price for education.


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