Thursday, 24 November 2005

It's not me, it's you

During a coffee (or cigarette if you're that way inclined) break at uni today I bumped into an old friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a while, so we decided to meet later for a(nother) coffee. Lecture done and over with I made my way to the canteen, met said friend, got our respecive caffeine fixes and went to sit under a tree (to shelter from the rain!) Whilst chatting about this, that and the other, the issue of me being an internet addict came up and therefore the subject of blogs.

This is the third site that I am using to recount my thoughts and affairs, but my first blog. I've dumped my diary, and am now two-timing my journal with a blog.

"What do you write about?"

Yeesh, I don't know. Stuff ay! Uni stuff, thoughts, opinions, day-to-day stuff, current affairs (if I find them interesting)... you know... stuff!


NO! I don't write about politics. I leave that to the people who enjoy it. And don't give me any heritage, family, in-your-blood crap. I don't do politics.


It's important to know when to drop a subject :) And then you can always rely on talking about sex... it's so much more juicy (no pun intended) anyway.

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