Monday, 21 November 2005

Death is our only guarantee in life

An SMS from Amida this morning jolted me out of the beautiful lust that I was feeling for my bed. I was contemplating spending all morning there... but she reminded me that we were meeting at uni at 10:00 to discuss Wednesday's presentation *sigh*. So I dutifully went to uni, we discussed the presentation (still unsure about how it's going to turn out but we'll hope for the best), and were done by 11:00. Whilst at uni I was interviewed by some students working on a project and they asked me about death! So I gave them my views on it... I hope I wasn't too morbid. I also went to the Finance Office to pay for my course (first time up those stairs!) and the guy at the desk says "I assume you're paying as a foreign student right?" you assume wrong. I looked at him rather surprised and said "Er... No!" He apologised *lol* That done I finally gave in my credit sheet to the secretaries's office and told them that at least I wouldn't need to see them for a while now!

Since it was such good weather (hot is more appropriate a term I'd say), I took K to be washed cos she really needed it poor babe. And now she's all bright and shiny and black :) Then I was driving through Sliema and saw a parking place so I just had to stop. And a good thing I did too cos I found a bargain - really cool, sexy red boots. And I also bought much needed socks! Amazing how socks tend to disintegrate over summer isn't it?!

I did, however, have a rather productive afternoon getting chores done and getting on with some reading... along with cups of tea. Now I really need to get it into my head that I have work tomorrow morning!

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  1. Since it was such good weather (hot is more appropriate a term I'd say)

    Hmmm... I had friends of mine saying I was mad just cause I said it was warm and I was in short sleeves!


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