Thursday, 1 December 2005

The Grinch has come to stay

Who wants to spend their weekend with me at St. James Cavalier? There's lots going on and I need some culture (aside from keeping busy)!

I've made my Christmas present demand - I want a dvd player. I never ask for presents cos I like the surprise, unless there's something that I really want/need/must have. But this year my brother demanded a cd writer so I'm going to be demanding too. My present still cots less than his cos I'm not after anything fussy, just one that works - as opposed to the one that I currently have which doesn't. The Christmas season really is a time of goodwill isn't it?!


  1. What's happening at St James this weekend? Do tell so I can get all jealous :) It's one of my favourite places to hang out when in Malta.

  2. The idea is to leave the comment on YOUR blog so people can follow the thread :)

    It's quite a busy weekend at SJ Cav. There are amateur films and documentaries, there's a British play called 'The Return' and tomorrow there's a day of literary readings and other events with live music in the it sounds like fun :)

    Hold that seat for me... I'm coming!!!

  3. *lol* I thought about that but it's only the blog owner who gets notifications about comments that are left so you'd have to stay checking to see whether I've replied. That's a hassle! However I will conform and follow the thread :)

  4. yeah there should be rss feeds for comments too... im really lazy about checking things out...but i should really take a look one of these days.

  5. They will also be selling Fair Trade goods at St James. It's a good initiative cause at least the profits go to the people of Uganda who really need them and not to the middle man whose made himself rich by exploting africa! (sorry had to comment about it - it's such a great initiative though!)


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