Saturday, 27 July 2013

Super Kid

Things I hope I won't do once the baby is born:

  • Change my profile picture to one of my child. I'm not my child, I'm still my own person with my own face. A family pic or a pic with me + child is fine, but I don't want to exclude me from my profile.

  • Call him or her 'prince' or 'princess'. I hate it. We are not royalty. It was one of the reasons I refused to wear a tiara for my wedding. Even worse is princep or principessa in Maltese. 'My little ball of drool and poop' is so much cuter anyway.

  • Share unnecessary information about his/her daily life in minute detail. I don't think it's important to let people know that today's poo was of peanut-butter colour and consistency.
  • Talk only about my child on this blog! Haha!
I'm sure that there are other things that I notice which irk me somewhat; however, I cannot say what I'm going to end up doing so all I can say is that I hope not to fall into any of the above traps... or worse!

Disclaimer: For any paranoid readers - this list does not refer to any person in particular and any mentions that may be similar to what you/your family/your friends do are purely coincidental and unintentional

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  1. I kinda hope this will be the case but something tells me that once that baby is born all the above will be forgotten ! hehe


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