Friday, 26 July 2013

First Trimester

This is what my experience of pregnancy has been like (until now).

Morning sickness - Nil. Never. Not even a slight feeling of nausea.

Evening sickness - Occasional (maybe 5 or 6 times) due to eating dinner. This is slightly strange because it's only ever happened when we're eating out. Possibly because the ingredients used in restaurant meals are richer than those at home? What I've learned from this is to chew my food properly and eat slower, so really it's a good thing, because I come from a family of gobblers, which isn't a healthy way to eat. P, on the other hand, eats properly, enjoying each mouthful. I've also taken to ordering small portions whenever I eat out, and sometimes I can't even finish what's in my plate! It's resulted that with my new eating habits the sickness has truly subsided.

Food - I want to eat more often, but only very small portions. As I just mentioned I often cannot even finish a starter portion of food. I'm into wheat at the moment so I want sandwiches (white bread only, which I need to control because wholemeal would be better) and pasta mainly.

Weight gain - Negative. Another really bizarre notion but apparently common and likely due to the change in eating habits. In fact I've actually lost weight, according to the scales, but my shape is changing, according to my clothes.

Tiredness - This has hit with a vengeance, plus the summer heat doesn't help. I'm often asleep by 9:30 pm and I get tired quicker when walking up stairs or hills. There are mornings where I do wake up feeling quite exhausted and I have to make an extra effort to prepare myself for work so I'm hoping that this will get better as the months pass and the weather gets cooler.

I'd say that I'm pretty lucky till now and it's all going very smoothly. Nothing is affecting me terribly and I can cope with the tiredness for the most part.

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