Wednesday, 15 May 2013

World of Theatre: Secret Bridesmaid's Business

Back in February I had attended an audition for a play that was being put up locally entitled Secret Bridesmaid's Business. It's penned by an Australian author and is very current in theme and setting. The audition went well, but I was leaving on honeymoon the following day, for three weeks. So I couldn't attend the second auditions and there went my chances to be part of the cast. However, if you can't get in through the door, try the window. 

As luck would have it, the ASM dropped out quite early on in the play and I was offered the role, which I accepted. So my April and May have been spent watching people rehearse and giving them their cues while they were still learning their lines. Theatre is a huge commitment and almost every evening was spent at the clubhouse, but the cast are great, so it's just like spending time with friends.

We're now already 3 shows into the run (there are 9 performances in all) and the audience's reactions have been wonderful. Listening to the same play over and over again can become tedious and so you start to wonder whether people will enjoy it and find it funny. But they did! People are laughing and crying and leaving the theatre questioning, which is the best reaction of all. 

So, it's now time for a plug (applicable to anyone in Malta over the next two weekends). Come and watch Secret Bridesmaid's Business at St James Cavalier. You will not be disappointed :)

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