Friday, 22 March 2013

The Blogger Wasteland

I decided to deal with the fact that Google Reader is closing its doors. I wasn't overly fond of it, nor was I loyal because I have used other feeders before, but it was the place that had all my blogs stored, so ultimately it was convenient. But, come July it'll be gone. (Unless the petitions going around somehow make an impact on the Google heads...) 

So I decided to transfer all my blogs to BlogLovin' which I had signed up for a while back, but never really used. What came of this? I did get my blogs transferred but I also realised just how many defunct and forgotten blogs there are out there in internet-land. It's almost a junkyard of blogs... not going anywhere, but still there to be used if the owner ever decides to log in and type a few words. These blogs didn't make the cut. Any blogs that haven't been updated in 2013 I left behind. 

It was also a good way to have a clear out. Sometimes I'd follow a blog because I'd read a post or two that captivate me, but then our paths differ. The author's posts and my interests are no longer in sync - it happens. 

If you're looking for a new reader, I'm on Bloglovin' - this isn't an endorsement, but it's good to share information :)

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