Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Legally Blonde in Malta

"Oh my God, Oh my god, you guys..."

is how 'Legally Blonde - The Musical' starts. And continues... in all it's pink, girly, absolutely wonderful world of singing and fun.

I first watched LB in London a couple of years ago when I was there for a conference. I was travelling alone so I figured that it would be the ideal show to go and watch (since I didn't think that P would be very keen on attending). I arrived a bit late (hence missing the first 5 minutes of the show) because I didn't know in which direction to go once I emerged from the Tube station and ended up getting a taxi for about 2 corners just because I was totally lost. (I hardly had any cash on me, and I told the taxi driver, and he was just lovely and told me that it didn't matter and said that I could get in. The fare came to about 50c cheaper than what I had in my pocket, so I just gave it all to him for being so nice.)

The show was brilliant! I loved every second of it and was thrilled to have managed to see it. So once they said that they would be putting it up in Malta, I knew that I had to go and see it. The fact that a good friend of mine played Elle, also helped.

So I gathered my wedding ladies and we bought ourselves a deal whereby we got a ticket and an after-show cocktail & platter. I almost missed the start of the show (again!) because someone of our party couldn't find parking, but thankfully she made it in time, we got to our seats and that was it. Show started and we loved it. The Maltese audience was definitely quieter than the London audience, and there was a definite increase in the amount of men who were present (they loved it too!), but the performance was absolutely wonderful. The cast had so much energy and pizazz that it was fun just watching them have fun.

The after show 'cocktails' and platter were nothing special but I guess that's a lesson learnt for next time. We still took the opportunity to take a couple of cocktail pics ;)

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