Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MY Entrepreneurial Clothing Sale

We're mid-way through summer already and the days are just whizzing past. 

A week ago I held a Clothing & Accessories Sale at home in an effort to make space and earn some cash. I had boxes of perfectly good clothing that I was no longer wearing, or had never even worn! Online purchases gone wrong, anyone?

So I sorted through them all, went through my wardrobe and found more stuff, cleaned and ironed the lot and then tagged each and every item with a code and price. I borrowed clothes rails and hung everything according to size. There were items available from size 8 - size 16, as well as men's clothing. Apart from clothes, I had a basket with very pretty bras that were being sold with the message to 'Love your Boobies' and also a selection of accessories, bags and shoes.

Unfortunately not many people turned up; however, those who did all found something that they liked which was great. And apart from the clothes they were also offered cake and drinks... tempting, no? ;)

I'm now planning on holding another sale, probably next month to allow the heat to subside somewhat, and will promote it as much as possible. Hopefully there'll be a greater response this time. 


  1. That's such a pity there wasn't a good turn out! I got the impression many people were coming (I saw the FB event page). Really liked the idea and wished I was still around when it happened.

    1. Yeah, FB events aren't very trustworthy :) It would have been great had you been here but I was nowhere near ready :)


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