Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas tree ornaments 2011

I love Christmas tree decorations and every year I try and add a couple of new ones, so these are my Christmas 2011 oranaments :)

This is a hand-blown pink glass ornament from local glass blowers. It's a beautiful piece although it's a bit heavy for a tree. So I've managed to place it on the shorter branches which won't droop. I bought this after the President's Fun Run in Valletta.

Flying snowman and flying Santa from The Soap Cafe. I saw them last week at the Frock Swap and I thought that they were totally cute. I love Santa pieces.
A closer look at the Flying Snowman. I love his starry, red top and scarf.
A closer look at Flying Santa. He's got a green hat, very un-traditional :)
These Irish angels are totally adorable. I got these during our Ireland trip in September!
I like having edible ornaments on the tree. Last year I had Milkybar baubles; this year I bought locally-made rum balls from Patches Market. I can't wait to try mine!

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