Friday, 3 June 2011

Kindle or iPad?

I've just been asked whether I would recommend the Kindle and my answer is a resounding Yes! I know that people are wary of it because of the 'coldness' of the gadget and the loss of the feel and smell of books and I understand that completely. However, I haven't stopped buying books simply because I have a Kindle, what has changed is the type of books that I buy. 

I enjoy my chick lit reads however I'm fine with not actually owning the book so they're perfect Kindle purchases. Cheaper, take up no physical space and still yours to own. For other books that I really want to own, perhaps they're of a favourite author or part of a series then I will buy a paper version. And I think that's a really good balance to have. 

A Kindle is the perfect gadget to take abroad and to keep in your bag just in case you're stuck in a waiting room. I take mine to the hairdresser. 

Another time I was asked whether it's better to get the Kindle or the iPad. There's no comparison. You're comparing an eReader to a tablet. The basic functions are fundamentally different. When I got my iPad 2 I thought that my Kindle was now redundant because of the Kindle app - I was wrong. The iPad is heavier than the Kindle and after a while you'll need to lay it on a surface because it will get too heavy to keep holding. You don't have that issue with the Kindle. The iPad is a tablet computer with tons of apps and functionalities. It's got a colour screen. The Kindle has internet access but it's not made for long term browsing. You can read a quick email and reply. You can access Twitter. But it won't give you the same browsing experience.

I wouldn't trade either of them; so when in doubt just get both!


  1. Anonymous12:31

    I have to agree with you on all counts!

  2. great review, would have to agree!


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