Monday, 23 May 2011


It's already been a week since I've returned from Krakow! It's a very lovely place and I'd recommend visiting for a long weekend - 4 days is enough. We walked around the place because it's not a very large city and it's all flat. We also went on two tours, visiting the Auschwitz - Berkenau concentration camps which are very sobering and the Salt Mines which go 130 metres underground and are fascinating.

I was really good this time around and unpacked everything immediately; I usually tend to leave things lingering in my suitcase. However, I still have lots of stuff that's lying around and which needs to find a place to live. 

This weekend shall commence the Wardrobe Rummage Through Experience whereby I plan on going through all my clothes are separating them according to season and usability. 

In the meantime here are some pics from Krakow :)

Some group photos on our first day

Unplanned Purple Parade (wrong date setting on camera!)

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