Thursday, 16 December 2010

How to beat the cold feeling

The cold spell has hit us. No snow, sleet or frost anywhere in sight (so what kind of cold spell is that?! you might ask), well, it's worse. It's called humidity. We've got sky-high humidity levels which means that the cold enters the stonework of buildings and engulfs the room; it creeps into your bones making you feel as old as Dumbeldore (or Gandalf if he's more your thing) and the worst thing is that you just can't seem to shake out of it.

I call this 'I want to live in an oven because of the cold' kind-of-weather. Obviously I can't do that. I'd need an industrial-sized oven to fit into and it would somewhat disrupt my day to day plans. 'No, I'm not calling in sick, I'm calling in cold - it's worse!'

Instead, I've got a couple of other, less cramping, tips to beat the cold...
  • Make a warm drink just to wrap your hands around the mug. Once your fingers are warm then you can type, write, press the buttons on your remote control.
  • Ideally, prepare a drink that you actually want to drink so that you can warm your insides too. It's going to get cold eventually, so you might as well have enjoyed the drink, rather than ending up with a cold liquid that can no longer warm your hands anyway.
  • Wear a scarf - everywhere! Indoors, outdoors, everywhere. People need not see your neck in winter, and if they want to, charge them a viewing fee. I've got scarves in almost every colour because they are the most versatile and useful accessory that you can have in your wardrobe.
  • This also makes it a perfect excuse to go shopping :) And while you're shopping, wrapped up of course, get thick socks - they do actually work. And shoes with a bit of a platform to cut you off the ground and provide insulation. Tried and tested.
  • Ideally though, you stay home, wrapped in a blanket on the sofa with above-mentioned hot drink in front of an open fire... one can dream :)
If you have more 'how to keep warm in this ridiculous cold weather' tips, let me know!


  1. Anonymous12:32

    i'm with you on the scarf tip. i never take mine off (except to wash and sleep, obviously!). i also find moving around helps (doing housework,running errands, etc) and cooking. just being in the kitchen concentrating on the chopping/mixing/baking is help enough. we also have a dehumidifier going all day at home.

  2. omg I hear you! This is my first winter in Malta and I'm freezing! I'm from Canada and so I'm used to REALLY cold temperatures and lots of snow for 5 months of the year but its a dry cold where I lived. I'm not used to all this humidity and moisture. I'm always cold, I always have a scarf on -the only time it comes off is when I am cooking (I burnt my scarf last week on the stove!) and when I go to bed. Oh and the shower of course ;o)

    I've been at work since 9am today and my feet are still frozen. I'm on my 3rd cup of tea (hands holding it of course). Since no one is in the office with me today I'm thinking of heating up some water to stick my feet in for a little bit haha.

  3. Ladies, I think I've actually slept with a scarf!

    @Mau - a dehumidifier makes all the difference I find. I recommended it to my dad in fact. In certain houses it's more effective than a heater.

    @Angela - Good luck! You'll survive, I promise :)

  4. Excellent tips! :) There is nothing like a nice warm drink when it's chilly. My work has gingerbread and spicey eggnog keurig coffees, so I have been wrapping my cold fingers around mugs of that!


  5. Looks like my hands are in the photo :) I am a fan of wearing leggings under my trousers, they don't itch like tights do and there's no way cold air can pass through your trousers...

  6. Anonymous18:01

    there is nothing like popping a hotwater bottle under the duvet in bed or under the throw if you're watching tv! guaranteed warmth within 2 seconds! :)

  7. Haha I always hold my mug tight to warm up my hands!!!

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