Tuesday, 21 December 2010

2011 Treats

I'm waiting to see what I receive for Christmas, because if I don't get a couple of the items that I want/need, then I'm going to treat myself next week. And hopefully the sales would've begun.

2011 is going to be an expensive year for sure, what with putting down deposits for wedding stuff, going abroad and possibly starting the revamp on the house. But one thing's for sure, I'm buying myself a Smart car! I've wanted one for years and years and I think it's about time that I got it. (Please note that if you don't like them or have heard things against them, I don't want to know! Don't comment/don't tell me/don't criticise my choice and don't ruin it for me.)

I've added this last bit because there are too many people out there who always have to oppose what people say; criticise their thoughts/words/advice; be 'I told you so' kind-of-people or say 'You're wrong about that!' If it's not really going to affect anything/anyone or have serious consequences - let people believe what they want to believe. A motto that I think more people ought to live by (and they'll be happier for it) is 'If you haven't got anything nice to say, then don't say anything.'

Merry Christmas :)


  1. 2011 sounds exciting for you for sure! Hope that all your dreams come true (including getting your Smart car!)!!!


  2. hehe way to tell them! All I will say is that I used to not like them but since being in Malta- they make sense and they are definitely growing on me. I like them! Hope that wasn't putting anything down for you ;o) Its your car, your driving it, not someone else, get whatever YOU want! Merry Christmas!

  3. Anonymous15:48

    i love Smart! wish i could have one too but wouldn't know where to fit the kid(s). your year ahead sounds pretty exciting! :-)

  4. @Casey - thanks!

    @Angela - I was the same with the Ford Ka! When they came out I didn't like them and then they grew on me and I ended up buying one :)

    @islandfairy - that's why I want it now. Before any kids come along!

  5. maaaaa tell me about it G. When I was buying my car EVERYONE had a friggin opinion about it. It wastes too much petrol, parts are expensive bla bla BLAAAA, Everyone becomes the expert suddenly. So i decided next time i buy a car i will not tell anyone.

    I like the smart cars they are tres cute.

    wishing you a great new year =)


  6. Anonymous16:28

    I love Smarts..they are huge fun especially when parking. We had one for 3 years and loved it.


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