Tuesday, 2 November 2010

November Planning

Did you all have a great Halloween? I spent mine at the theatre for Death of a Doornail which was well-received and audiences seemed to have fun with it.

And now it's November and I've got my evenings back - yes, I had been moaning about this a bit; however, despite not having packed evenings November is proving to be a rather eventful month - in the good way.

We've got events happening every weekend with concerts, plays, stand-up comedy and the cast party of DoaD. And in between all that there's my trip to London which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm attending a Social Media conference which should be interesting; however, I've got a few free hours available on my first day and I plan on getting some shopping done. I need some new clothes badly!!!

These are just a couple of items that I've got in mind...

I love this Accessorize bag but it's too expensive to buy in Malta so I'm going to treat myself

I've been wanting tall boots for a long time now but I've got wide calves and it's a nightmare. These are New Look, however I'm going to need to try on!

Sensible, high court shoes with a steady heel - simple choice from New Look!

I'm going to check out the jeans at GAP because the pair that I bought about 10 years ago are still in excellent condition!


  1. Anonymous13:16

    I love the bag! When are you visiting London? Get your wellies and brollies hehe!!

  2. I'm there next week. OK good to know... that means my shopping will be done at Westfield probably hehe


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