Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wall Art

Writing about interior decorating always gets my creative processes salivating and wanting to do more than just write. So I browse. This time it was Etsy where I came across these incredible wall decals. I didn't think that this would normally be my thing however I love the quirkiness of them and the originality that they'll give to a room.

Having said that, I tend to suffer from what-if-I-get-bored-of-it-itis or worse still, what-if-I-don't-like-it-after-all-itis! The pain would be intense. I get very excited about things I like and have yet to master the art of controlling (and eliminating) expectations. So if it didn't look as I wanted it to I'd be terribly upset.

But don't you think that this would look absolutely delightful in a girl's bedroom?

And these in any other room?

I just might have to have them... somewhere.


  1. We've been trying to decide what decal to have up on our bedroom wall for months now. The wall is still a blank canvas... and we're still clueless as to what to put up. I suspect it's very much down to the fact that it needs to be something we'll STAY happy with... it might be a while longer before anything gets put on that wall!

  2. Anonymous17:28

    i had bookmarked those decals years ago for maia's room. in the end we bought some in paris and i don't regret it. they make all the difference in her room.

  3. Decals are such a cool way to decorate a wall. Andrew and I have a few surprise decals up our sleeves. Hopefully they'll go up once the new wardrobe is done... wonder how long that's going to take heh


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