Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Inspiration Alert

My friend Philip, whose wedding we went over to Holland for in June, said that I write about the weather a lot. Which obviously led to a Hmmm... (that being the sound of thoughts rotating in my brain in visuals) shall I write about girly things like clothes, jewellery* and bikini waxing? Or possibly hobbies like crafts, cooking and gardening? (which wouldn't last too long considering I do none of these things.) The closest I get is watering my plant - which I need to re-pot and have been procrastinating about.

So I regrouped and thought that since this blog is entitled All About G - I really should write something about G. And she would be me. But what to write...?

So this is where you come in. Anything you want to know or want me to write about? Leave a comment (but you knew that already)

* Speaking about jewellery, I'm gravitating towards wanting a Pandora charm bracelet.


  1. Lol - thinking about it, he's right! As for what to write... I dunno, just stuff. Anything that comes to mind. It's amazing how much you can write about the simplest thought. And don't limit yourself to things and topics... go with feelings and thoughts too.

    I can recommend a Pandora bracelet. Just be warned that building it up can get pricey... but it's a great idea for little presents to yourself every now and then as you build up the bracelet :)

  2. Hehehe, yeah I have a couple of photos that I want to upload too :)

  3. Hey, I was referring mainly to twitter and FB not this blog. If I knew what to write about, I would have a blog worthy of the name. But of course you could write about you AND bikini waxing. I'm sure you'd get a bunch of hits for that! But hey, well written crap is always more fun to read that a badly written life-changing story. So maybe you should just dig deeper into the topic of blog topics :-p

  4. Ah I see. Oh well, thought I'd give you a bit of a mention anyway ;)

  5. Anonymous06:21

    i agree with clare on all counts!

  6. G, I have always said that anyone's blog is their own, they can write about whatever they want. :-) So if you feel the need to comment about the weather go ahead hehe


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