Friday, 16 July 2010

All That Jazz

The wonderful thing about summertime is open air events. Now, here in Malta anything outside during summer could easily go wrong due to the oppressive heat, the mosquitoes and the undeniable firework blasts from a nearby village feast. However, when everything is right with the world and karma is on our side an outdoor evening event can be relaxing, fun and entertaining; especially on a Friday knowing that there's no work for the next two days. And tonight I'm hoping that everything will be balanced and agreeable as we're going to the Malta Jazz Festival.

This show happens annually and is quite a big hit; however, I've never actually been! So this year I decided that I'd like to try it out and see what it's got to offer. It's for the weekend with different acts performing; however, my friend said that one of tonight's acts is amazing which was good enough for us.

From the culture of tonight, we'll be heading to the world of cinema tomorrow as it's Cinema Day and I finally get to watch Letters to Juliet and Shrek in 3D.

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