Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Isn’t it weirdly wonderful how there are men out there that look really great with facial hair? And then there are those who just look old and ragged? I must say that I’m quite partial to facial hair on a man. Not a huge Moses beard that looks like your gran’s old rug... but a trimmed, well-kept goatee/beard is a yes for me along with moustache preferably. I’m not too keen on the blob of hair that looks as though the man rested his chin on a bird’s nest whilst doused in glue. In that case opt for facial hair removal and remove it all. Or else just grow a bit more of it on the sides.

Of course then there are those men who, hair or no hair, they’re always handsome ;)

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  1. Anonymous17:20

    ah giselle! if only you knew how significant this post is to me! :-D i'll have to blog about this...will link to this post when i do!


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