Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Dream-Wish List

Every Wednesday there’s a local lottery held called Super 5. As the name explains it’s a case of guessing 5 numbers out of 42. I don’t play very often; however, occasionally I will get a ticket especially when the prize money hits the really high mark. A few hundred thousand Euro won’t go amiss!

You’re a winner if you guess 3, 4 or 5 of the numbers drawn. If you guess 3 numbers the prize money is usually about €25 per winner; 4 numbers will give you around €260 whilst the top prize is nothing less than €120,000. Now, €120,000 would be very nice, but these are the odds to winning: 5 numbers - 1:850,668; 4 numbers – 1: 4,598; 3 numbers – 1: 128. Not exactly a walk in the park; although people have won quite regularly.

If I won the jackpot I would (in no particular order):
  • buy a new car

  • go on a shopping spree

  • get laser hair removal

  • pay off any debts (boring, but necessary)

  • invest just so I can say that I invest in the stock market!

  • buy an LED wide-screen TV and other gadgety things

  • go on a great holiday – San Francisco? :)

  • buy presents for the people I love

  • get an interior decorator to do up the house, like Candice Olson of Divine Design because I love her tastes!

  • donate some to a worthy cause – there has to be the altruistic aspect!
I have no idea for how long the money would last but it’s good to have a plan, no?!

What would you do if you won a few hundred thousand cold ones?

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