Tuesday, 27 April 2010

To Be(ard) or not to Be(ard)?

I admit it. I love watching make-over programs. I just find it quite fascinating how different a person can look with a bit of make-up, a haircut and clothes that suit their shape. OK, some programs go further and use Botox, dental treatments and treatments that are not merely superficial; however, the changes are startling and I can’t imagine that the person getting the makeover isn’t happy with the result despite the procedures.

One of the worst afflictions that a woman can have, in my opinion, is facial hair. Now I’m not talking about a bit of fair hair above the lip or around the jaw which is barely noticeable. I’m talking about dark hair that looks like a beard and that requires treatment. I remember reading a magazine article about a woman who actually had to shave on a daily basis and would get a 5 o’clock stubble. It must be such a touch situation to be in, because what do you do when you meet a guy? Do you shave together in the morning?

Facial hair removal is available thankfully and is definitely something that I would invest in, even just for a simple upper lip treatment, but even more so if hair growth is severe, after all you don't want to look like a shaggy carpet!

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