Thursday, 15 April 2010

Say No to Cactus Legs

Summer's fast approaching which is great because I love the beach and the sun and the energy boost that summer gives. But, yes, there is a but, the one thing that bothers me about summer is hairy legs that you can't hide under tights or trousers.

Now, let me be clear, I'm not an ape (thankfully); however, everyone has hair on their legs unless they've opted for permanent hair removal which is definitely something that I want to do one day. Just knowing that I can wear a skirt, or shorts, or head to the beach without first having to think ‘Wait! Are my legs smooth?’ would be such a relief. Not to mention that they’d be smooth all the time! Even during those cosy moments with the beau (who in reality isn’t bothered about a bit of hair) I wouldn’t get that split second of ‘oh no, it’s a hairy legs day’.

Until now I’ve always waxed which is definitely better than shaving because, let’s face it, it does last so much longer and when shaving hairs do grow back thicker and coarser. It’s slightly more expensive (although how many blades does one go through in a month?) and it hurts more, no question about that, but ultimately it lasts longer!

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