Thursday, 25 March 2010

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As someone who works in social media I obviously have my own accounts lingering around the web. I consider Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be the most popular ones albeit for different reasons. Flickr is just a great photo sharing website via which you can network and make lots of new contacts. If you'd like to add me on any of these sites please go ahead, just tell me who you are and that you're contacting me through my blog. I'm especially loving Twitter at the moment :)

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Each of these buttons is linked to my profile page.

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  1. Favorite part of SATC2 = the gay wedding. Between the Gay Men's Chrous and Liza -- I was in awe. NOTHING can surpass over the top gay - and that wedding was it. I wish my gay best friend would marry my BFF's gay best lucky are Charlotte & Carrie?


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