Thursday, 27 August 2009

One Act Plays Festival 2009

It's One Act Plays Festival time again and auditions were held last Sunday. Unfortunately there wasn't a great turnout, especially in the male department (which is normal) so there's another set of auditions being held tomorrow. I don't need to audition again but I really hope that we get a reply tomorrow because there are only 5/6 weeks to actually learn lines, rehearse and generally get the play in decent viewing condition, for a paying audience.

There are 5 plays in all, and with not so many auditionees the odds are pretty much in favour of everyone getting a part. Or at least let's hope so! I hope that they'll let us know tomorrow... curiosity becomes me!

It would be really nice to have a play to concentrate on during September, especially since I haven't been involved in anything theatrical this year. Apart from watching plays. And after that there's tennis in October.

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