Thursday, 20 August 2009

Girl alert!

I enjoy watching films but I'm terrible at seeing the latest releases (unless it's Harry Potter naturally!) so I tend to rent DVDs and then buy those that I think are either 'worth having' or 'wow, what a good price, yeah why not buy them?!'

And I admit that I am a romantic comedy junkie. I love those feel-good movies that make you wish that your life was a movie although you know that it will never be. But the feeling is a positive one to have, so I try to hold on to it. Therefore my latest DVD purchases were a chick-flick overdose. They're perfect for cold winter nights when you just want a good film, a quilt and a cup of tea!


  1. Your purchases get the girl power seal of approval.

  2. Woo! Girl power =)

  3. Girly flicks are definitely not my cup of tea...give me a thriller any time...

  4. but on the other hand I did like watching The Notebook!! Must have been going through a soppy phase at the time : )

  5. @Zen - hehe I love most genres, except horror. The Notebook is soppy but not all girly flicks are =)


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