Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rags to Raja

I love watching films however I do take my time to watch them. I do enjoy going to the cinema so there are some films that I watch when they're just new releases; however, it can take many months and sometimes years for me to watch a film, even if it is a really, really good film.

Today I watched Slumdog Millionaire and I really enjoyed it! I'm a few months late I know but at least I did get round to watching it.

The idea behind the film was very inspiring and it really does help you believe that anything is possible. There are days when things just look bleak. These days are often accompanied by dull, grey weather and if you're really unlucky you'll also have the sniffles and get a puncture on your way to work. Things couldn't get any worse, but inevitably they will. It can be depressing. But time waits for no one and the seconds will tick away and the day will also come to an end and a new one will begin without any great fuss. It's just another second that ticks away that brings in a new day. But a new day brings in new hope and new possibilities and yesterday doesn't feel so bad anymore. You can even manage a smile!

And for every smile you give, you get one in return :)

So when life seems to be heading nowhere but down, I like to think that each new day brings with it new opportunities and that could be my "rags to raja" moment.

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