Monday, 11 May 2009

In Saudi, if you spend, you'll get slapped

Changing a cultural view is never an easy option, even when it might seem so obvious to us in the Western world. Women were always regarded as inferior to men, and possibly even to animals, in places like Saudi Arabia; and the idea that men consider their mentality to be right just seems ludicrous, but when every father, grandfather, great-grandfather have all taught and been taught the same thing then changing the views of the entire male population is not going to be an easy task.

I believe that the world is still largely patriarchal despite women's movements, equal rights and protests in favour of women. There is some form of equality in places but, seen holistically, men still hold more power.
I will never accept any form of abuse from a man, especially physical abuse. There is no justification to lift a finger on someone, and this works both ways, as well as for children. Hitting, beating, smacking - it doesn't teach a lesson, it just builds up anger and resistance. And possible (forthcoming) years of hate.

Unfortunately I don't think the women of Saudi are going to be experiencing a non-slapping life for a long time.

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