Sunday, 8 February 2009

Weekend banter

The weekend's drawing to an end but it was a good weekend overall. The week felt very long and the weekend was much needed just to be able to relax and do my thing. I finally watched The Dark Knight yesterday. I borrowed the DVD from my dad about a month ago but was never really in the mood to watch it so finally yesterday I settled in bed in the afternoon and really enjoyed the film.

Yesterday was also the *ahem* much-awaited *ahem* Maltasong for Europe. I watched it at Cor & Ade's and finally got to see baby Andrea who is the cutest little boy ever! Nice and chubby and babies should be =) The festival was quite boring and way too long. At some point almost everyone just closed their eyes and took a nap on the sofa. Out of the three super-finalists (as they called them *sigh*) I think Eleanor should have won, but I think my favourite song was of Klinsmann(?) The boy band basically, but I think it's one of those with a footballer's surname as a first name. Isn't it funny how these people all end up as local 'celebrities'? Those types of parents! But, yeah, they had a catchy song. But of course they had to choose Chiara again who is possibly Transforma's worst advert considering she's once again the size of the plane that she'll be flying to Russia on. I think the song is boring but I hope that it'll do well nevertheless.

Tomorrow week I fly to London. I'm looking forward to it although they're saying that it's going to get colder so I might just freeze. And this week shouldn't take too long to pass cos tomorrow is going to be a day spent in meetings and then we have a meal in the evening. Tuesday is a holiday (yay!) and then it's just 3 working days and the weekend again! LOL - I condensed a week into 30-odd words. And after I come back from UK it's my birthday =) Still no plans as to what to do but have an idea or two. Something relaxed methinks.

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