Thursday, 10 January 2008


Yesterday evening I went to watch this year's offering of Panto with my mother and brother - front row seats baby! Worth the 2h45m wait in the queue (according to my mother cos she waited, whilst I was galavanting in the Canaries!)

It was such a wonderful show. Very musical and funny and family-oriented - the double-entendres were there but quite mild, which I approve of given the number of kids that there'll be in the audience. I knew the majority of the people on stage and it was really fun watching them, watching me, watching them. I got a couple of nods/winks/smiles :) And was delivered chocolate Euros especially into my lap from Rachel.

There were only two characters that I didn't particularly agree with the choice of actor for - I won't say who just in case they're friends/relatives (I pity you :P) But everyone else gave a magnificent performance and it was really magical - just as a Panto should be. The scenery was also very spectacular and the underwater scenes were breathtaking. Quite amazing for a stage.

My favourite scenes (and it's difficult to choose) would probably have to be Captain Silver LongJohn (John Marinelli) and his swashbuckling pirates singing No More Mr. Nice Guy from Disney's 'The Swan Princess'; Pia Zammit singing Whatever Happened to my Part from Monty Python's 'Spamalot'- she played Skoda Octavia - but in this scene, she was playing Pia Zammit the Diva - you can see a clip of the song here . It was beautiful dahlink! The underwater scene, as I already mentioned, was something spectacular, and I love that they used You Can't Stop the Beat from 'Hairspray' - such a happy song!

Quite possibly my January highlight! I'm sure tickets are completely sold out (like, a month ago) but if you know someone who's going, push them down the stairs and take their tickets. It's worth it!

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