Tuesday, 4 November 2008


  • Last Cigarette:: Never smoked a full one
  • Last Alcoholic Drink:: Vodka & Orange last week
  • Last Car Ride:: This afternoon to drive to SJ Cav
  • Last Kiss:: In September
  • Last Library Book checked out:: Sometime during uni days
  • Last Movie Rented:: Can't remember!
  • Last Cuss Word Uttered:: Can't remember!
  • Last Beverage Drank:: Water
  • Last Food Consumed:: Go Ahead biscuit crackers
  • Last Crush:: hehe dunno
  • Last Phone Call:: Someone asking whether they needed to book tickets for tonight's film. Last personal call was my brother
  • Last TV Show Watched:: A bit of Will & Grace
  • Last Time Showered:: This morning
  • Last Shoes Worn:: Silver sandals
  • Last CD Played:: No idea!
  • Last Item Bought:: A tuna roll
  • Last Download:: I don't d/l
  • Last Annoyance:: A friend
  • Last Disappointment:: Same friend
  • Last Soda Drank:: Coke Zero
  • Last Thing Written:: The previous answer
  • Last Key Used:: Enter key
  • Last Word Spoken:: OK
  • Last Sleep:: Last night
  • Last IM:: Paul
  • Last Sexual Fantasy:: Not telling :P
  • Last Weird Encounter:: boq
  • Last Ice Cream Eaten: Probably a Cornetto but it's been a while
  • Last Time Amused:: Today
  • Last Time Wanting To Die:: Years Ago
  • Last Time Hugged:: Quite a while ago
  • Last Time Scolded:: Don't know
  • Last Time Resentful:: Today
  • Last Chair Sat In:: Large swivel chair at SJ Cav that isn't too comfy :/
  • Last Underwear Worn:: NEXT black French knickers
  • Last Bra Worn:: La Senza black with lace
  • Last Shirt Worn:: black T-shirt
  • Last Webpage Visited:: Facebook & CNN

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