Saturday, 4 October 2008

Drop Dead Fred

What a downpour there was this morning! Blimey, my car wipers could barely keep up and my feet are still cold and damp :/ I'm at work at the moment which is why I had to actually go out into the rain on a Saturday morning. I'm not dressed very appropriately for the rain either - skirt and sandals!

Yesterday I had my first trial as wardrobe helper for More FourPlay. It's a really funny show and obviously there are some sketches that are funnier that others but I think as a whole it's good. It's quite long and there are many costume changes so it's pretty hectic backstage but I'm not an actual dresser, just an extra pair of hands :) However we still finished at 01:15 A.M. *yawn* And I was up at 08:00 this morning!

Clare's wedding this afternoon - I've been told by customers that it's stopped raining so that's good :) I'm looking forward to dressing up and just enjoying a lovely celebration. I'm sure it will be a really good event.

I received a present this morning, something that I've been wanting for a long time now, although not wanting it really really badly or anything like that, but it's a funny gift and I find it amusing. Anyway, a friend of mine found it on eBay and bought it for me. This is it (LOL):

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