Saturday, 27 September 2008

One Act Play

We had out first performance yesterday evening and we kicked ass! Everyone was impressed by the play as a script (thank you Mark Ravenhill) and by the actors who managed to portray such adult emotions (these teens have talent!) Tomorrow is Judgement Day and I hope that we get some good feedback. I enjoyed the second play too although a lot of people didn't, and the third one was just so funny. A real sitcom piece! And the actors were great too, the majority of them already having some experience which helps.

Tonight we're off to LOL Productions for the stand-up comedy show. Should be a laugh... well I hope it is anyway given that it's stand-up comedy!

I'm currently working the afternoon shift at SJ Cav. It's quiet-ish but there's an exhibition of Debbie CD which is drawing in people. Her work is lovely, but I can't afford it :/ Can barely even afford a print!!

And it's already the end of September! We're entering Quarter 4 which seems likely to be somewhat active.

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