Monday, 23 July 2007

Just a Muggle

I finished Harry Potter & the DH!!!!

Wow! Excellent book. I'm glad that the world has an author like JK Rowling who is able to write simply, without it being lame, and convey so much emotion and such imagery in one's mind.

I didn't get into the HP craze when it came out. I remember being in London and seeing people read it on the Tube and I wasn't bothered. In fact I didn't own any of them until No.5 was out because I received the box set as a present. I must have read the first one or two but didn't actually buy them. And then I waited with bated breath for the sixth and seventh to be released.

This last installment is very dark and rather depressing but it's gripping. I had to take breaks between chapters because I was getting so worked up!

And that's the end of stories about "the Boy who lived". Now we have two more films to wait for :) In the meantime I'm going to browse Mugglenet to see what's happening there.

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  1. Hy G,
    I'm agree wiith you, that Harry Potter and the D.H is a very good book with a nice end.
    In beginning of june 08 i will visiting a english course in malta. ( St Julians)
    I'm looking for a travel Guide :-)

    So i wish you a nice day.

    Greetings from switzerland


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