Saturday, 21 July 2007

Harry Potter - the last installment!

I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Katherine, Bella and I went to the launch at the Valletta Waterfront after rehearsals. We got there are around midnight so decided that we may as well join the queue. I had Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with me which I had started reading at midday, and managed to finish (admittedly, skimming through the last few pages) before 01:01, which is when Book 7 was to be released. I needed to read it again because I had forgotten it all!! *shock* *horror*

There was some idiot woman on a mic who initiated a countdown from 30(!!!!) for Harry Potter and the Deathly 'Halos', upon which everyone in the shop (and there were a lot of people!) went HALLOWS!! I think she was suitably embarassed.

Katt began reading it before even paying for it! She's already on Chapter 8 I believe. Bella and I started reading it at Hard Rock Cafe where we went for a drink. I read 4 chapters in all. This seems to be the darkest book by far!

At 02:00 we decided to make our way back to the car and on the way out I met Philip and Vicky who had also bought the book and were having a drink, but had not as yet indulged in the pages of magic and mystery. Whilst speaking to them there was an extremely unpleasant incident as a man was thrown out of Heat and beaten up by 2 bouncers who kicked him in the face and hit him even when he had fallen down. Thankfully another guy went up and stopped one of them because they would have hit him again. I don't know what the man did to get thrown out of the bar but the bouncers were pure thugs. They just wanted to release some pent up energy and they found a victim. It was a terrible scene to witness.

I'm too tired to continue reading now although I am very curious, but it is best left until tomorrow when I can concentrate more.


  1. i'm glad you posted :D

    Enjoy the book!

    lol Halos!

  2. yeah... i was there too, looking mean and smelling worse after queueing for an hour, just to hear the idiot announcing harry potter and the dately (i swear she got this wrong too) halos... she should have known better seeing the place ws obviously gonna be filled with hp nerds...

  3. Andre - Thanks :) Am cross-posting between journals. It's easier that way!

    Noel - Yeah we queued for about an hour too. But it was all worth it in the end :)

  4. lol everyone seems to have another journal :p

    is it private or can we all read it? :p

  5. Each entry is given a status or private (i.e. GJ friends only) or Public (i.e. everyone who visits) so it depends on the content of the entry. I prefer it that way because I don't think it makes sense to have a completely private journal but sometimes there are entries that you might not want the entire internet population and their pets to read! :)


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