Sunday, 1 April 2007

A Diplomatic Incident

I decided to take a look at Olivia Lewis' blog today. It's a definite upper. Not because there are beautiful images that invoke the senses, neither are there witty entries that make the sides of your mouth twitch in amusement, nor is there a chance for you to win her cd. No, you will click the red X box once you're done and feel better, because it's possibly one of the worst forms of advertising and propaganda seen. Even more than McDonalds trying to pass themselves off as healthy.

The woman has an IQ less than her shoe size, and I'm talking European sizes here.

Quote #1
"Alexandra (the photographer) amazes me each time. She always manages to make me look more beautiful than I actually am!"

Is she serious? Did she really say "more beautiful than I actually am"?! Maybe she bought her mirror from a closing-down circus.

Quote #2
"I was never too good at choosing clothes. Don't get me wrong. I like wearing trendy outfits and all that. But I'm simply not too good at recognizing what's trendy and what's not. I realised this at my own expense after a number of wardrobe fiascos."

No shit Sherlock! You wouldn't know good taste if it came in the form of a double decker bus and ran you over! I have never seen her wear anything decent. She can't even pull off a pair of jeans and a polo-neck (which I saw her on TV with once) and that in itself is bad enough because polo-necks on TV are career suicide. She goes on to say that now she has people to choose her clothes for her; I'm curious to see what she's going to wear at the Eurovision, perhaps some designer's going to be winning a bet or looking for another job.


  1. I shouldn't have clicked the link :P

  2. Sometimes you need to see the bad in life to appreciate the good :)

  3. You should have known that "Olivia Lewis" is the Maltese trannslation of the international "Hazard - Keep Away" symbol.

  4. Haha a translation for toxic waste. I really think she ought to be taxed for noise pollution.

  5. Taxed for noise pollution? Ha ha ha.....ur mean:)))

    "The woman has an IQ less than her shoe size, and I'm talking European sizes here." Tee hee hee....I got Vertigo

    Anyways, thank God for the red X box:)

  6. LOL

    Probably the most hilarious (and slightly mean - but mean is good! We only say these things cause we love Olivia!) entry ever to be published on this blog.


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