Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Winter time

Winter has caught up with me and it seems like I am getting sick, however I am going to try not to allow that to happen! I woke up with a swollen tonsil this morning, yes, just one!, and my nose is blocked, plus I'm never qutie sure if I'm feeling hot or cold! I'm taking lozenges because I wanted to start with something mild, but I'll see how I wake up tomorrow and in case buy some stronger stuff.

Germany is looming closer and I am so eager to go now. Not just to see Matt and Sascha, but also to get out of here for a week; to break from routine; to shop till I drop and to see a country that I haven't visited before. A perfect break before Christmas.

I'm in the processing of getting my motorbike license, well in the process meaning that I have printed out the application form! Now I need to go the doctor to have him sign the medical certificate and then I can start lessons. Apparently it doesn't take as long as learning how to drive a car so that's good because lessons have become expensive! I really want to get a Vespa but this morning I got a shock when I called the local agents to ask the price - Lm1750!! *ouch* So unless I win the Super 5 that's on hold, but I'll be looking at the Piaggios instead. Or waiting until they lower the importation tax :)


  1. Anonymous12:29

    First of all welcome to the motorcycle community. You'll see it's very fun riding a two wheeler.

    Now let's say the complete truth about motorcycle licenses. there are two motorbike licenses - the A and the A+. Apparently you're getting the A (small engines) while i'm getting the A+ (big engines)....there's a big difference in the examination and in the difficulty level - Handling, balance, roadholding. Driving a 400cc 300kg 4 stroke manual gearbox motorbike is not the same as driving a 50cc scooter ;)

  2. yeah it is going to be lots of fun :)

    I'm going for the A because I might as well start off with that and I'm not really interested in driving a big bike, although they're fun. I'm looking to get a 125 cc probably. The Vespa that I saw was a 250cc 4 stroke.

  3. You go biker girl! But how would you know that only one tonsil is swollen? Does your head feel heavier on one side?

  4. Hahaha, I've had swollen tonsils before so I know what they're meant to look like. If you open your mouth and look at the back of your throat and you see a bulging pouch, that's an inflamed tonsil. Two bulging pouches... possibly tonsillitis. And it was my left tonsil that was inflamed, and now that's ok, but my left ear is blocked... so I'm half wrong!

  5. Lol poor G! so all this inflammation is making you lopsided! lmao! Go for the bike gal. I know of a very nice bike instructor. Good looking and single to boot....:)Interested?

  6. Anonymous18:57

    Considering you at St. Julians, maybe I could hop a ride to work :D

    I wanted to pick up a Kymco Venox.. sadly uncertainity ruled it out for me :(

  7. Very cool bike but I'm after a proper scooter :)


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