Thursday, 30 November 2006

Thursday's tittle-tattle

I sometimes tend to ignore this blog for my GJ for a couple of reasons; I much prefer the threaded commenting system on GJ and I can lock entries that I do not want everyone to see. Ultimately the net is public domain and you never really know who is reading what you write.

I have finally recovered although not 100% since I am still blowing out large amounts of snot every hour! But I've finished my course of antibiotics now and I'm fine. However I missed a weekend of going out and am having terrible withdrawal symptoms, so I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

I've rebonded with my best friend from school (we've known each other for almost 20 years!) and I'm having a great time at the weekends, going out in the evenings and trapsing the shops on a Saturday. It's ideal :) And I'm enjoying Paceville again! So tomorrow it's off to Coconut who have drinks at 20c for 20 minutes at specific times. Can you imagine the chaos?! *lol* And on Saturday there is a Topshop party with discounts, free wine and free makeovers - a proper girly thing! And then it's work in the evening (yes I am still working a lot but I'll soon cut down on hours because we have a new staff member) and out again... aaah the weekend!

And tomorrow week I will be on a plane to Germany!!! *excited*

Another reason why I sometimes don't write here is the looming presence of overbearness that resides in the Maltese blogosphere. Blogs somehow need to affect society, hold opinions (the more controversial the better) or have words that you need to look up in the dictionary to see what they mean. But that's all bollocks because these blogs are read by anally-retentive arseholes who think that people actually care about their opinions. Keep banging your head against the wall, that might be more productive. I prefer reading about people's outings, families, drunken episodes, latest purchases, holidays, than the half-baked political opinions that litter the 'sphere.

So I declare the blogosphere a place of frivolity and fun and no shame to it!


  1. Huzzah to that! As a commited, non-blogging, blog reader I can concur that I generally seek out personal anecdotes while giving opinionated social commentaries a wide berth. The parts of someone's personal life that they would be willing to share with an unknown audience can be highly interesting whereas their cynical (and often haughty) opinions of the world are not. I have plenty of those myself and I wouldn't dream of boring people with them. If something bugs someone enough, one should try to do something a bit more concrete than just moan about it.

  2. Oh and yes - have fun in Germany! Remember not to have any liquids in your hand-luggage unless you want your bag to be systematically unpacked in front of the entire terminal. Particularly when your bag also happens to contain a large pack of... parenthood preventers. Trust me, I know...

  3. hehe thank you. It's good to know that there are intelligent people ;) No I don't plan on taking any parenthood preventers with me, because although I'm staying with 2 guys for them boobs are only there to feed babies hehehe

  4. Frivolity! Yay!!!


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