Monday, 2 October 2006

Ghandi pjacir, jiena Phylisienne Sciriha

I'm better :) woo hoo! Seems like it was some 24-hour thing, or else the virus just couldn't handle me. I still didn't go to work today though cos I wasn't sure in what state I was going to wake up and how I'd feel during the day, but since I was ok I decided to be a domestic diva and get through the laundry, the dishes, the sweeping, and the new car mats :)

Rehearsals were called for the afternoon and we now have a script. I like my character she's a hippy, substance-loving woman. My bong is to make its first stage appearance albeit without realising its full potential.

So on Saturday, we went up to Gozo for the afternoon and night. It began with lounging on the sofas talking about sex-related things, when a female someone goes "Food is more important than sex", to which a male someone responds "Igifieri nkunu go nofs wahda u tghidli 'stenn mur gibli bicca tigiega'?!" and that brought the house down. It was so random, it was hilarious! Then we had a BBQ which was very nice. And after that we all went to prepare ourselves for a party within the farmhouse which had a hamalla theme. And practically everyone went way out to look as vile as possible. I wore jeans, then layered a pink top over an orange one and had a chunky gold necklace with coloured glass beads, and purple flip-flops. I had pastel eye-shadow, rouge, red lipstick, black eyeliner; my hair was tied at the top of my head with a flower and a gold hairband and gold loop earring with diamantes to complete the look! Top marks had to go to Lucy though for her leopard-skin dress over a red bra and huge black sunglasses with gold at the side, plus yellow flowery flip-flops and... a squeegee! The guys also made an effort with tightish beige shorts, open shirt, gold necklaces, an 'I <3 Ommok' on their arm and gelled hair. Some accessorized with a gabbietta! I'm waiting for the photos to arrive in my Inbox sometime soon.

Back to work tomorrow; let's see what Tuesday's TimeWaster is ;)


  1. Is this farmhouse which you've just mentioned located in Għasri?

  2. It's near Rabat. Is Ghasri near Rabat? I dunno!

  3. Katt19:17

    You got a script! Woo closely followed by Hoo! Should be helpful in the whole rehearsal process and stuff..........possibly.......

  4. Katt18:18

    Scrap that last comment! I heard that you no longer have a script! Yikes and Oy Vey!

  5. Yes you heard right! But this afternoon I got news that we have one now, so here's keeping our fingers crossed! 3 weeks to learn lines...

  6. Katt21:26

    Well you know they say third time lucky! Fingers, toes and legs crossed that you stick with this one! Have fun:->


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