Sunday, 2 July 2006

The only stability you need in life is the table that holds your drink

Put on your pompous hat and check out today's word BROWBEATEN. Gawd! Needless to say these words descend upon me from above - by about 9 inches I think. I prefer words like vodka, chocolate and propinquity!

Funny blonde moment of the week - not said by me, I hasten to add, but no names shall be mentioned lest they be used against me...

A: "Netherlands went out when they lost against Portugal."
B: "Netherlands didn't play against Portugal. Holland did!"

*silence* *guffaws of laughter*

Odd sight of the week - I was driving home in my GAF this afternoon, trying not to take any notice of the sweltering heat, when in front of me was a motorcycle ridden by two larger than usual people. I never felt so sorry for an inanimate object as I did then. The poor vehicle chugged along with all its might and could almost be heard heaving and sighing, and the odd swear word here and there.

Ooh and I was bitten by a ferret today! Those things have sharp teeth and I didn't even do anything to it :( I don't think I like them very much... they're wriggly, and long and have beady little eyes.

I want to go to the cinema tonight so I've just texted a friend of mine to see what she's doing and she said that she had no plans... and then my quirkiness extended itself through my fingers so I type I feel like going to the cinema tonight. Are you experiencing that same feeling? WTF I know!! To make things worse she sends back 'Eeeh I was going to tell you the same thing'. So a reply is in order and I send I could tell. My moon is in its house today and it's shining on your stars so there is a connection. And the impression it's left is said very clearly in six words - 'Lol jaqq you're full of shit.' I agree. So what's a good film to watch?


  1. So what film did you watch.. :p

  2. An interestingly quirky one called Romance and Cigarettes.


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