Thursday, 6 July 2006

Just a load of hot air*

Mid-Week already... here's a news update.

The film that we ended up watching on Sunday was Romance and Cigarettes which was very quirkily interesting and I do recommend it! Sunday night at the movies... great end to the week. However during the intermission I went to use their restrooms and was really appalled by the state that they were in, so first thing on Monday morning I wrote an e-mail of complaint, and got a very prompt reply apologising for the "convenience" (someone forgot the prefix) and promising to sort it out. I'll check next time I go. Pity he didn't offer me a free ticket! *sigh*

Monday was a usual day of work and during the time at the office I must have spent about half an hour yawning and stretching. I was absolutely knackered! And then there were rehearsals in the evening so it was a loooong day.

By the end of Tuesday I emerged looking like a traffic cone cos I went down to the beach for two hours (of direct sunlight albeit with cream) and got a very red front with two white stripes! Vera qieghda sew! So today I tried to wear really light clothing, although my legs aren't sore so I got into my jeans this evening. Now I'll lay on the after sun again and hope for sooth(ness)[??] And after another really long day (I got home at 23:30!) I'm ready for bed. For some odd reason I couldn't stop farting today, guess it's [*see title]


  1. It sure seems to be just a load of hot air. :p

  2. I warned you :P

  3. You know, you could fill up a lot of hot air ballons.. It would reduce the mishaps :D


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