Saturday, 10 June 2006

Crouch down says the ref

Bel said it best with "not even worth a carcade", and she's right. The first four minutes of the game were great but then what happened?! There were a couple of good shots from Becks in the first half, and a great attempt from Gerrard (naturally, he plays with Liverpool :)), but other than that, I was happier eating my brownie in ice-cream which got me really stuffed!

Germany's game was great though! Now that's proper football entertainment! Although I was watching it alone at home, and was really tired and fell asleep towards the end of the second half so I missed the last goal!

But this World Cup thing is fun I must say.


  1. It wasn't worth a carcade, but at least we won!

    I think that most teams are saving their energy for the next games; just look at Sweden's performance with Trinidad (maybe Sweden were over confident?).

    Anyway, 6 games to go if we're to make it to the final!!!

    As usuall... go England!!!

  2. Germany's game was fabulous, especially when you know you should be studying instead of watching the game.

    Good thing I didn't watch England's game then, as I was too spaced out (following only 2 hours of sleep)... but as andre said, "at least we won!"


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