Monday, 6 March 2006

Blonde froth

Cappucino and digestives sounds like a really good idea in the morning but it's not. Not when you try to finish the remaining biscuits of the packet regardless of how many there are... that last biscuit lies there tempting you and your already stuffed stomach that is threatening to erupt from one end or the other, but the biscuit shall not win. And it didn't! Can't say much for the state of my stomach though, a Pyrrhic victory indeed *sigh*

And this is after I declared that it's time to diet for summer. But considering this declaration happens every Sunday, during Mass may I add, it doesn't hold much weight. Speaking about Mass there was a queue of people waiting to confess yesterday; it was quite funny as they all looked so solemn, and you just think 'bad bad people'!! *grin*

They say that blondes have more fun and I intend to find out sometime next week when I stretch the day to include more than 24 hours so that I'll have time to go to the hairdresser. At the moment I'm competing with the hairstyle of Medusa when she's having a bad hair day.

I had to decide whether to do my hair, buy these fab pink trousers, or a couple of tops with some 'extra' money that I've got, but since we're still not giving up in the diet before summer I though the hair option is the better one at this time.

I've discovered a new interest in waterpolo. You can't get a better sport than that, lots of men with fabulous bodies wearing swimming briefs... it's insane! And I'm not complaining :) And obviously there's one specific cute guy who ahs generated this interest... go on, say it, 'you're sad'!

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  1. Well G, I would suggest a visit to the loo before engulfing in biscuits:)) It will provide space for your stomach to stretch in!


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