Friday, 10 March 2006

Blogging - a cure or a curse?

I am going to prepare an assignment about blogging! How cool is that? It's specifically about how blogging has invaded the Maltese/Maltese islands. If anyone would like to be forever remembered in my assignment feel free to comment. I need to find out about the history of blogging, amount of Maltese blogs, why people blog, and why people prefer to blog in one language as opposed to another... finally, an assignment worth reading.


  1. Good idea! Maybe sometime we'll have somebody who's dissertation will deal with the same topic.

    I will only comment on the language. I blog in both Maltese and in English and the choice is sometimes according to subject or more, according to mood. If I feel like writing in Maltese (with all the spelling mistakes!) I just do so.

    Maybe after your mark is published, you'll publish the assignment as an entry.

    Good Luck

  2. Now that's a cool assignment to have!


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