Friday, 17 February 2006

Man I Feel Like a Woman

I signed up for a credit that is scheduled on Friday between 1 and 3. Since last Friday was a holiday today was the first lecture, so I turned up at the class, on time ironically enough, and the lecturer told me that I couldn't take the credit because I did not have the necessary prerequisites. Hmmm. So I left the room and went to peek at the timetable to see if I could find a replacement. The lecturer comes running down the stairs to find me to tell me that he has made a mistake, because I could take the other credit simultaneously. I could tell he wanted me in his class hehe. But then it turns out that the prerequisite credit has its own prerequisite which I did not have, so we were back at square one and I still couldn't attend the class. He was a step away from distraught. Haa well, maybe not so tragic but it was nice of him to come and look for me and apologise for making a mistake. It's the power of being female.

So being such a nice day I decided to go to our capital city and have lunch with my dad, hence getting me a free lunch :) I always park in Floriana, cos I am sans V, usually past the football pitch and then walk into Valletta. Being of debatable height I wear heels. It is extremely uncommon to find me in flat shoes. My everyday boots are very comfortable and easy to walk in... not the tottery kind. Yet everytime I take the walk from Floriana to Valletta I end up with extremely sore balls. I can still feel the soreness now!

Upon leaving Valletta I bumped into fellow blogger Zemp complete with bag of chocolate muffins! (No he didn't offer! :P) After he ran away with them, I painfully hobbled back to my car, and drove home amidst all the terrible drivers that this country has to offer.

And now there's just one week to go :)


  1. you're reminding me to give the 'Professor John and naughty Jane' movie to my friend.

  2. Glad to have been of service :P (no pun intended!!)


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