Monday, 20 February 2006

4 Days to my GBW (Gozitan Birthday Weekend)*

Today sees the start of my birthday week... the final countdown... just 4 days away! Now I've been waiting for this birthday for approximately 16 years, as this year is when I celebrate my LUCKY birthday!! Woo hoo... 24 on the 24th. And in fact I may decide to stop at 24. I don't think I can handle aging anymore than this. Especially since I don't feel 24, but possibly 20? Are you meant to act in a certain way when you're rapidly approaching the quarter century? Well if it involves actions without thought behind them, doing things for the moment without regard for the consequences and taking decisions that may not be sensible but they're fun, then I guess I'm on the right track!

I've got an incredibly busy week ahead of me, to be capped off with an alcohol-fuelled weekend at our sister island for my GBW, where we shall be heading off to on Friday evening with no accomodation or plans, apart from dinner at a particular restaurant to officially celebrate my birthday and then it's a free for all. So if you're in Nadur over the weekend buy me a drink :) P.S. I drink vodka


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY pupa! And have a great time in Gozo. And by the way, my age did stop at 24...

  2. Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to G eeeeeeee,
    Haappyy birthdaaay tooo, youuuuuu!

    Oh, I cannot help but nitice that February is the month in which stars are born! :))

  4. Please nOte that it should spell nOtice and not nItice! *excused coz the keys are neighbours*

  5. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes :) xx

    And I'm sorry Coemgen but I just cannot accept such disregard for correct spelling :P

  6. Fakawi will be playing at Nadur this weekend... have a nice bday. Ah, I'm a few months older than you, although YOU look older :p

  7. And how do you know what I look like?

    Everybody says that I look younger so there! :P

  8. I'm very sorry for such an act of disregard, your majesty. I plomise I vill bee wery carefull next time.

  9. yea i KNOW how you look like.. remember, i'm known as Lupin in my whereabouts :p

  10. Ok now I'm confused :S


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