Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Job hunt

This week is assignment week and I'm definitely being kept busy with those; however, I know that I have way too much time on my hands and not enough money in my pocket. I want to find some freelance work or possibly a second part-time job. Does anyone know of anyone who is hiring or possible opportunities?


Did I curse myself by writing this post? This morning the GM called and said that they were reducing the opening times of work! That means less shifts, less hours, less pay. Saying that I am well and truly screwed is a clear summation of the way I'm feeling. Added to that, I just cannot concentrate on an assignment that I've been trying to compile and make sense of. I've kept myself busy with house chores instead... when washing the plates is better than typing out words you know you've reached a low point! And I shan't even mention the lovey-dovey part of my life right now cos then I might be tempted to search for a blade (please excuse the melodrama and hyperbolization).


  1. These things happen unfortunately and I did go through such a time in my second year of studies. I'm sure it is just temporary. Hopefully you'll soon find a good part time job and get the feel for that assignment that's troubling you.

  2. What kind of work are you actually looking for?

  3. Well I'm not particularly fussy. It could be anything from proof-reading to writing, which I guess would be quite flexible as far as hours go. Since I have evenings free though I might go for restaurant work too.

  4. OK, good to know. I'll let you know if anything like that crosses my path. Good luck!


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