Saturday, 7 January 2006

It's never who you want it to be

Update re: the work dilemma. It might not be SO bad. What basically happened is that one of the employees is off to the UK to study, so we are now only 2 employees working during the week, ergo that means more shifts and more pay. I hope they don't decide to go on an employment rampage as they did a couple of months ago where we ended up being 6 part-time employees!!

Also I'm hoping that my web-site monitoring role will come into being soon enough, cos that will not only help in the financial sector but also in the experience sector. Blogging and browsing just doesn't qualify as enough experience to enter the Internet field! *grin*

And then it's back to uni next week which is good. I need to get back to that institute of academia. I want to be back in class discussing and arguing... I like that :)


  1. "web-site monitoring"


  2. Web-site of work... there are changes being done to it. I'm involved somehow. I still have to be given the details!


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